Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 1970
I’m not beautiful but I’m blessed with a fashionable eyebrows shape!
Anonimo: Thanks for the kudos but I'm gonna back down for I've read you have a tumblr crush at the other side of the world.

Where are you from? You could be my tumblr crush on this side of the world

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I confess I’ve got a long term tumblr crush. It’s not like I want to take a plane to the other side of the world, go down on my knees and ask him to marry me. But I enjoy look at his pictures and think it’s wonderful that such an intense beauty does exist. I’m soooo naive.

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Jean-Pierre Léaud in Jean-Luc Godard’s La chinoise, 1967
Anonimo: [...] Per una buona preparazione si deve tagliare a pezzi la frutta, immergendo prima la frutta più dura (come la mela), e poi quella più fragile (come le fragole e i kiwi).

Ovvio, se no le fragole si spappolano

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Composition of comrades and fly jackets in a messy room

To the anon who sent me a song: it was amazing, thank you.
Please, write me again.

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"[An encounter] is a contingent, chance element of existence. Something happens to you that nothing among your existing world’s points of reference made likely or necessary. You encounter someone who you do not know and yet who strikes you, attracts you, enters into your life." - Alain Badiou, ‘People cling onto identities… it is a world opposed to the encounter’ (via foucault-the-haters)
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Anonimo: What about another one? I haven't got it ready made

Ok, send me everything you want but coldplay

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Anonimo: I'm pretty sure my voice will make you wanna make love until you live. Wanna give it a try?

I’m waiting for your version of Heartbreak Hotel

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Nico in “The Inner Scar” by Philippe Garrel

I’m tired being in a relationship but when my boyfriend sings Heartbreak Hotel (John Cale’s version) I just wanna undress him and make love until we die. What a voice, damn him.

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