And Bloch won the 100th footnote. In 20 pages. I’m such a fastidious quote junkie.

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Dite che non è il caso di intitolare un paragrafo della tesi “Il Cazziatone”?

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How could all this people live without working out?

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I’m very creative when it comes to sunburn
Anonimo: Su cosa hai scritto la tesi di laurea triennale?

Georges Bataille e Hans Bellmer! Era un pò zozza infatti

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"Emancipation begins when we dismiss the opposition between looking and acting…looking also is an action which confirms or modifies the distribution of the visible, and that ‘interpreting the world’ is already a means of transforming it, of reconfiguring it. Spectators are active, as are students or scientists: they observe, select, compare, interpret.They relate what they observe with many other things that they have observed, on other stages, in other kinds of spaces. They make their own poems with the poem that is performed in front of them." - Jacques Ranciere - ‘The Emancipated Spectator’. (via bustakay)
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Ways of studying

Walter Benjamin spoke to me. He reminded me that distractions are evil.

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Unhealthy still life
Classic bathroom selfie